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The company uses a patented, innovative production technology for making amorphous alloy transformers cores. The underlying technology relies on the electrical and magnetic properties of amorphous alloy materials. Amorphous alloys exhibit conductivity properties that are far superior to silicon steel that is used in traditional power transformers. As a result, the company believes that an amorphous alloy transformer can result in energy savings for its customers. In addition, we use technologies that are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than technologies that are used to make traditional steel cores and transformers. In 2007, as an active promoter in the usage of energy saving amorphous distribution transformer in western China, our Chinese operating company, Xi’an Amorphous Alloy Zhongxi Transformer Co., Ltd., was recognized by the Xi’an municipal government as Xi’an R&D and production technology center for amorphous alloy cores.

The amorphous alloy strip, the key raw material used in our manufacturing process, is made by our supplier using flat plate flow liquid state chilling technology to make the molten alloy steel. The molten alloy steel is then put through a super-freezing process where the cooling speeds are up to one million degrees per second. The micro-mechanism of the resulting metal possesses long range unordered glass state features, completely different from traditional metal alloy material. The resulting amorphous metal is characterized by high intensity, high saturation induction density, high magnetic permeability, rigidity, anticorrosion, wearability, resistivity, low coercivity, low loss, good frequency characteristics and temperature characteristic and good tenacity together with improved electromechanical coupling coefficients, thermal conductivity, and surfactivity.

These qualities significantly improve the operational efficiencies of electrical power transformers. We believe this new material will replace silicon steel and permalloy, and will be extensively used in transformer, mutual-inductor, reactance unit, and similar products to further electronic product miniaturization, high frequency, high efficiency, environment protection and energy-saving, which is superior when compared with traditional core materials.

Molten alloy steel is transferred into amorphous alloy strip within a few microseconds.
Amorphous alloy strip is a high-tech product, which applies the super-freezing process and cooling roller, molding into ribbon sheet directly.

Crystalline structure                             Amorphous structure

Curve of unit loss of amorphous alloy materials and silicon steel materials (50 HZ)

Curve of amorphous alloy’s magnetic ribbon shows it requires only a small magnetic power.